Upstar USA Company




Upstar USA Group is a true TV manufacturer. Factory facilities & Head Quarter is base in ShenZhen China. Our manufacture is one of the professional industry leader and produce high quality of consumer LED TV & Monitors with pre-loaded hospitality hotel menu. We are committed to building, planning, and good design for our Upstar TV.  From our R&D to our production line up, we are bringing in more high value added products for consumers around the world, and services to help people achieve dreams of higher quality entertainment to enjoy life.

Upstar USA Group is very strong in OEM & ODM production as well as on our processing capacity, higher-end equipment and testing instrument with very good quality shelf system, strengthens quality, establish in advance for quality control system.

Upstar TV brand is established in 2011 and our Sales Head Quarter in Ontario California United States of America. With this Upstar brand has rapidly grown into one of the preferred global name for TV. Upstar USA is dedicated to meeting the needs of our customers, generating profitable, growth & efficient operations and delivering valuable products to consumers.

Upstar USA Group is focus on our value customers of first priority we meet our customer expectations with superior LED TV products, customer services and industry knowledge.

We are taking the initiative, encouraging innovation, setting challenging goals, and pursuing new ideas.   We are committed to honesty, fairness. We depend on teamwork to multiply our successes by sharing information, operational support, and accomplishment excellent products and customer satisfactory among our business units and regions.


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